Melvin War

Melvin War is a Dominican-American bachata artist from New Jersey. Using influences from many different genres such as hip-hop, trap, indie, RnB, Rock, and acoustic, Melvin War has developed a sound that is easily known as “The Melvin War Sound.” 


Bachata Experimental artist “Melvin War”, is also known for his “Sensual” sounds, lyrics and vocals that deliver a fresh perspective in the Genre. Welcome to the journey.

~Listen to "Melvin War" on Tu Bachata Radio and be sure to support him throughout his journey!

DJ Soltrix

David Rodriguez, also know as DJ Soltrix, is an active world-renowned bachata remixer, producer and DJ. Captivating everyone with his unique talent in shaping the bachata remixes in the Latin dance world, his goal is to connect with his audience.

Whether it’s through his weekly online Bachata Life Mixshow or traveling the world performing live, he is always in the expectancy of leaving his audience with an experience as DJ Soltrix would say: “It’s A Vibe.”


Prophex knew from a young age that his life would revolve around music. While still a child, Prophex became familiar with the music of his native country, loving the soft lyrics, electrifying percussions, and inspired melodies of the varied music of his native Dominican Republic.

Prophex longed to give this music its own style. At the age of 18 Prophex took the initiative to truly begin his career as a Producing Artist and Arranger. With the experience also came the creative explosion of Prophex. Not only of mastering the production of music but also of being the writer and author of the lyrics and melodies of his songs.Taking every opportunity to produce his unique mixes of bachata or merengue with pop and other genres such as electronic, dance and reggaeton.

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