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Searching for Bachata Lessons? 

Look no further.....

Maybe you’ve been searching for a while….maybe this is your first stop in your mission to ‘find the best bachata classes near me.’  Maybe you’re a salsa dancer who is tired of sitting out when the bachata music comes on since 30-50% of music at the salsa club is now bachata!  Either way, your search is over!


Beginner, intermediate and advanced bachata dancers alike have always faced an uphill battle in finding the best lesson for them.  From the basic step to advanced bachata dance classes, from learning to hear the beat or to master leading or excel at following…Let us help you.


First, it’s important to look at what you really want in a dance lesson:

  • Do you want to take bachata dance lessons in person at a studio or online? 

  • Are you looking to learn with a partner or on your own? 

  • Are you looking to perform, to social dance, dance for fun/exercise or all of the above? 

  • Do you prefer traditional, modern, fusion or maybe you don’t even know what your favorite is yet? 

  • Do you want a private lesson, group lessons or a training or performance team? 

  • How long have you been dancing and what level are you?  Are you beginner, intermediate or advanced?


Once you’ve determined what type of student you are, what you’re looking for and why, then you can search of the best options in your area.  Here are a couple places to start:

  • Your local community college – check to see if they offer bachata lessons!  If not, reach out to another dance teacher there for recommendations. 

  • Facebook – many dance communities have their own local Facebook Groups.  Search Facebook for Bachata in “your city” and a quick post in the group about the type of lessons you are looking for will give you a ton of resources from local dancers themselves!

  • Local dance studios – a quick internet search will show your local dance studios in your area.  Give them a call to find out more about their offerings, the level of their bachata classes and the style they focus on.  You can always ask the person answering the phone for other recommendations as well, if they don’t offer what you are looking for. 

  • Bachata Lesson Near Me or Bachata Dance Classes Near Me – any internet search like these will also yield you a ton of options to explore


Not quite sure what you want yet?  That is completely normal.  It’s best to try a few different bachata classes, lessons and instructors before you settle in!  You can see what style speaks to you and which instructors you feel most comfortable learning from by trying them out.  


Bachata is a great latin dance for first time dancers and as those of you who already dance it know…there is no end in the possibilities once you start dancing.  We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!